Here’s how we can be of service:

Values Based Communications

Be explicit about your values. Talk about issues even when 
it’s hard. Be honest and be your word. Appeal to heart and head. Share what’s working and what’s not.

These principles inform our strategic approach in all its forms – internal and external, communications and marketing, online and offline.

Look to us for research insights, strategy development, graphic design, campaigns, implementation services, and monitoring and measurement.

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Sustainability and CSR Strategy

Do well by doing good. An active commitment to sustainability and CSR buttressed by the right strategies can deliver abundance to you and your stakeholders.

Let us show you how.

NGOs also benefit from these practices as well as our insights into how best to partner with the corporate world.

Look to us to benchmark your enterprise, develop sustainability and CSR strategies that build business value, and report on progress through a variety of tools and tactics. For NGOs, let us help you assess, package and support your organisational strengths to reap the rewards of collaboration with the corporate sector.

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Impact Assessments

We live in the age of accountability. Stakeholders simply demand it. And without a clear set of robust and relevant objectives and the indicators to measure them, it’s impossible to be accountable.

We know you’re working hard. Let us help you make sure your efforts are making a real difference.

Look to us to develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks, mine existing data for new insights, measure impact and course correct where required.

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